Real women appreciate a man that takes control.

If she's begging for it, give it to her! The house, the car, the wedding! Credit buys a lot of nice things.


 Vertically Integrated,

bullshit free & the industry's lowest cost Credit Repair

Our company complies with & surpasses FEDERAL pricing guidelines for U.S. operating CRO's, We're the fastest too.

"This is what happens when Maxim magazine meets Credit repair. I love it!"-

Lisette H. R., Miami, Fl., Client since 2018

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social media ad, series 2

Active ad, 2018 series.

This particular ad was inspired by ETrade's "Don't Get Mad" Campaign. Again, we used the gold in the photo to highlight the whole Gold Digger thing and followed up with the yellow tint. The only thing missing is a toy mini poodle.

Is Credit Repair Regulated?

You bet your ass it is.

-Founder & Chairman

•This company has no opinion one way or the other about media topics, political systems any other media hyperbole bullshit designed to divide our country.

•Stop asking us to post world news and RSS.
We are not corporate owned or paid for. We don't recieve federal funding. All we care about is if you love this country and respect your fellow man/woman/LGBT, whatever. We are all in this human mess together and we have to help each other through.

We only care about 2 things:

•》 Fulfilling the promise of transparency in business we believe in.

•》Actually delivering on what we say we will.

•Stop messing around and learn your rights. We have them all over the site. Follow the links, read. Understand what your rights mean! Among them: charging up front is illegal. Promising scores rising is illegal. Saying you're CROA compliant and being CROA compliant, that's a big difference.

•Stop paying for a credit report. The law allows you free reports.

•Don't pay to monitor your scores! Get Credit Karma, Credit Sesame or any other free app. Do not pay.

•Placing a freeze is free (place one on your accounts by calling Experian, Equifax & TransUnion. You may have to hold a while they handle an even higher number of calls than we do. Client's get alerts placed on their files if they ask for it.

•Stop believing the hype & bought reviews, trust Google and common sense. Ask questions. Read. I don't need to receive 50 calls with complaints from clients who got screwed by competitors. That's what the CFPB is for. Report them. I can't do anything about it.

•Don't pay more for less. This is a service industry. We may be fucking unconventional but we don't lie, rob, cheat or screw anyone over. This is obvious as we link the forms that route directly to the State & Federal agencies that can squash us if we did. We don't buy our ratings, we don't partner with anyone except hardworking Americans and we certainly won't link-share with people that do. So stop asking.

•We don't buy tradelines, don't contact us with those offers.

•We don't discriminate or look down on anyone for their beliefs, creeds, genders, sexuality, heritage, disabilities, skin color or what they do for a living, we are all fucking Americans here. And if you've made it here you need help, like I did over 8 years ago, I needed answers and real help without run around. We exist to that end.

•No one does what we do, how we do it. We make it simple, fast and don't overcharge, ever. Because there is no NEED. Repeat, there is no need to pay more for any service. It is illegal. Regulations exist, but the free market model rules. To that end, our pricing beats all U.S. competitors.

•Want to do something about the industry? Sign our petition to end predatory practices in it. Tell Congress how you feel. If you don't try to raise your voice, how the hell will anyone know where you stand?

And as for Lexington Law, Key Credit Repair, Sky Blue and all those who rob, lie, mislead and screw people over in desperate times with bullshit promises and lean on paid ratings, all I can say is this:

You're all a bunch of disgraceful, low life, shyster scum suckers who should be priced out of the industry, but alas, Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware.

Results in 6 months or your money back in full


Your life simplified

 in 3 steps,turbo fast 

We are unconventional, not solely on the way we express & market ourselves, but in our service above all. The following is a concise explanation of how we process your file into guaranteed results without long contracts and half your paycheck.


We talk. We listen, we ask questions, we go into your history and see what, if anything can be (or should be done),

total cost to you $0.00

Contract & E-file

You read your rights, you read our CROA compliant contract, e-sign and we file with you over the phone. Confirmations begin to come into your email. You see them in real-time, and continue to see them in the coming hours, days, weeks, month-to-month. Cost to you: $59, $35 or $25 dollars upon confirmation. Period.

5 minute e-file, we don't draw out contracts with snail mail

3 Bureau multiple disputes, all inclusive

We file in all 3 credit monitoring bureau's, even in Equifax (which is temporarily shutdown to online stream since late 2017). If you have Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, you track our progress, if not, we recommend them as Stellar app's which are 100% free.

that's it. 30 to 45 days for results, often but not usual, in 7 days! (Each file is diffrent). We keep you in the loop 100%.

Total cost to you: Included

You asked we answered:

Client referrals: $i0 off next month's installment.

Add a Spouse: (life partner & common law) $25.00*

(**Update**) United States Coast Guard active & retired personnel are granted military pricing.

Now serving Puerto Rico & Hawaii

*Due diligence applies to this pricing.

No hidden fees or extra costs, guaranteed.

Our clients love us. Our competitors... not so much.

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Been gouged? There's a site for that.

we are a Credit Repair Organization Act compliant company

Commerce & Trade 15 U.S.C. chapter 41, sub-chapter II-A Credit Repair Organizations, Consumer Credit protection

to read the entire act including the disclosures which govern all Credit repair Organizations please click here.

Below are two free apps our clients need to get things done, fast.

Credit Karma or Credit Sesame is only part of the apps we recommend. With the above,  our clients can track our progress & their changes. With the ones below they can submit documents and transfer huge files in a jiffy. Say bye-bye to the old, drawn out, humorless, frustrating & expensive way forever.


Two examples of file transfer apps are Dropbox & Keepsafe

Everything we do is online & fast, this much we've covered. Oftentimes files may be too large for e-mails, direct transfer or Bluetooth. We use Dropbox to transfer documents & have begun to use Keepsafe to accommodate clients. Clients will need one of these apps, both are free from the play store.

Adobe PDF Scan

We also use Adobe PDF Scan to process anything into documents. Since it is the responsibility of our clients to keep us up to date with copies of official mail, affidavits and other papers. We use this app to screenshoot any document with a phone or tablet and to keep us up to date. Also free from the play store.

Been misled? There's a site for that.

social media ad, series 10

Back to our roots! Ad, 2018 series.

Our roots are a bit different, we admit. But they are effective. Here we took a nice young lady with prodigious breasts, and well, yeah. Look, accuse of gratuitous sexuality, vulgarity, raunchy humor, running red lights, applying the 10 second rule to public movie theaters, whatever. But you can't say we are boring liars.

Our founder is a little different...

"I was born into a working class family and raised by a single mother. I dropped out of highschool at 15 to go to work and earn for my family.  I received my G.E.D. in night school and went to college to study advertising. My real education was in the world; working stock, construction assistant, Bartender. I worked Union & for non union. I Laid cable 50 ft in the air in a flimsy bucket with no insurance, I got laid off more times than I care to remember. Financial aid kid, school of life member. I know where I came from, I  never forget.

College became university and Mass media communications. I started my first company at 18-I didn't know jack, it ended in failure-. I had to drop out to work, school wasn't bong hits and toga parties and breezing by. I was poor. The poor don't breeze by.

Years of executive sales, working for tough minority millionaires, New York guys with horrible vocabularies but great ethics & heart. I became an expert at identifying problems with companies. An expert at streamlining operations, marketing, copy, development and strategy.

I've studied my whole life, fine tuned my expertise and built out every enterprise under the sky: from digital wholesalers in South America to fashion lines, recording labels and trade guilds. I've worked with NBC Universal, HBO Latin America, Univision & Televisa. With Government oversight and for fortune 500's, among them; Wal-Mart & Amazon, and it was Amazon that instilled itself in my soul.

My Time with the E-Giant was the finishing school of what I must fastidiously call my real education. A Clean Slate Credit Consultants is the result.

I believe in God, Family and hard work. I believe in America;the country, the people. I don't believe in gain over humanity. I don't believe in the class system or racism or intolerance.

I won't lead that kind of company. I'll say it as it is, because someone has to and there really is a lot of bullshit out there. Together we will level the field, because I came up without a break, so this one is for all the people I have ever known who  had to abandon school to drive a truck, to work a line, were down, out and at hopes end, but not vanquished. I'm taking my message to Congress. Wanna join me?"

Anyone can talk it, we walk it. We hate scams and bullshit, we hate predatory practitioners. Join us in doing something about it. Petition will be sent to Congressman Diaz Balart of district 25 (Florida) & The White House. Join our bi-partisan petition today!

So is our company.

Parodies, politically incorrect language, a low opinion concerning 98% of our competitors and a virulent strain of patriotism. Low pricing, complete consumer rights and enough advocacy to sink a ship. It's intentional. We want to level the playing field and boot out the companies which take advantage of people when they are at their lowest. We are the best choice we've seen and we've seen plenty. No one beats our comprehensive service or our sense of fairness. No one beats our pricing, And if they did, we'd beat it right back. We mean business and we get you results. So browse around, read up on your rights and drop us a call or message if you want to know more. We don't engage in pressure tactics or any of the bullshit our competitors do. We're different and we like it like this. Join us as we celebrate nearly 5 years of pissing off collection agencies and our competitors by signing our Congressional petition to end predatory practices in our industry.

- Founder & Chairman's welcome note to visitors.

Share us on social media. An unconventional company getting phenomenal results for our clients.

What you need to know before contacting us:

We handle a very large volume of calls daily and are currently looking at options for outsourcing to accommdate this growth, which has quite frankly overwhelmed us. Your business is important to us. If you get a voicemail, please leave a message. We will return the call same day if it is received before 4:00 pm EST. If you email us, we will respond within 24 hours.

We process over 100 clients a month and give each client personal attention and, maintain contact by email and text messages. Our services are performed online and our results are guaranteed. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

For those overseas inquiries: we are not currently operating in England. We are however researching the applicable laws with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), that would make this a possibility.

Equifax's security breach climbs to 145 million +, Here's what you need to know.

In the parody game anyone is fair game. This however is no laughing matter, and I should know, my information was compromised (euphemistic word for stolen in the biggest cyber shaft so far). Not only that, but multiple clients of ours, past and present, family, friends, contractors and even our mailman was affected. And this is only the beginnng. The investigation is ongoing and heads are rolling. For a company that handles information on 220 million Americans, 145 million is a BIG deal. This on top of the 55 million people that already have errors which are not theirs. It's a devastating blow for this corporate giant and for every person involved.

Among the information taken were names, social security numbers, addresses, financial information, banking and payment information, and dates of of birth. Basically, all anyone would need to open multiple accounts in your name and go on wild shopping sprees from Qatar to Quebec, from New York to the Florida keys. The effect of this, some experts say, will last between 10 and 20 years. And that's a conservative number.

Equifax has shut down it's portal and put up a site that allows you to check your information to see if you were affected.  All links and instructions are provided below.

Steps to take:

1. Click on the following link, or copy and paste in your browser:

2. When the page loads, scroll down to: Am I impacted?, click on the link and type in your last name and the last 6 digits of your social security number. Click on "check" and keep your fingers crossed. (It occurred to me that the scammers who took the info could do the same thing, but Equifax secured the site... No really.

3. A pop up page will tell you if you were impacted. If you were, you will be prompted to enroll in a free 1 year protection monitoring system. And once you're done enrolling, an email will be sent to you from

4. Proceed to set up a security lock on your file, then go drink a Bombay sapphire martini (shaken, not stirred) with a skewered onion garnish. And sit back to wait. (Our clients can skip straight to step 4, since we aready enrolled them all.

A massive tort lawsuit is no doubt on its way. I'm not interested in the 20 cents I'll get after 6 years of painful drawn out litigation and the divy up process between 145 million claimants, but if you are, you can research the matter online or wait for the postcard invite titled "for all similarly situated" I don't know what's worse, getting screwed by a hacker squad or by the lawyers which will get rich off of this one.

Those who don't think it's important to do anything about this to safeguard their accounts can expect a few charges somewhere down the line for a Bentley rental 8 months overdue and a room service charge to the Paris Ritz, complete with room service, mini bar and escort charges. If you are the type to wait, you can send an email to your friendly neighborhood hackers that caused this whole mess, at: 

webroughtacorporategiantt[email protected]

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Been scammed? There's a site for that.

Mixed mediA, series 101

The Numbers game ad, 2018 series.

Every man has at one point or another lied about the numbers. It could be the size of a trout, a lotto ticket or their credit score... these are the only things men can lie about with a numerical value as far as we can tell... (cough). Anyway, this ad is not run yet. Still working out the kinks. (Puns intended)

Funny & Relevant

Meet the FICO score

That strange little diagram up there is a broad explanatory breakdown of how the scoring system works. I say broad because no one can accurately predict how it will work except the people who developed it. Some FICO SAP certified people can tell you how they think it works, but only the fucking Fair Isaac Corporation knows. And the exact mathematical model they keep really tightly under wraps. Anyway, this is a broad view of what goes into the calculation and how more or less the equation results in your particular score.

Now, all scores are not the same, that's why every Credit Reporting Bureau has a different score. They each also use another method. What method? Their own private fucking method. And if all this analytical bullshit wasn't confusing enough already, they also have the Vantage score which is owned jointly by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It's probably called vantage because their think tank believes it holds some Ad-vantage, but who the hell knows.

Founders Quote

"Everybody promises low prices and fast service. We actually back it up."

            Call Today for your free consultation

    Toll-Free           1-786-307-3585

             Hablamos español

Credit Repair Giant Lexington Law, scams it's customers & buys it's ratings. and we have the proof!

Alright, this is a pretty damning statement. As we have noted, Lexington Law is one of the oldest operators in the industry & arguably it's biggest advertiser with it's tentacles into everything. However, we have had some of their prior clients come to us complaining and just recently, I was directed to a website which lists them at a perfect 10 review (62 reviews) yet over half of the reviewers post negative and abysmal treatment and question just how they manage a perfect 10. I began digging (this is what I do, when I'm not playing pool) and hit pay dirt into quite frankly, collusion and unethical behavior at a level which surpases what is all too normal in this industry. Please see for yourself and feel free to share with your friends.

Take me to the article

Over the years we've had some pretty whacky ideas about how to market our services. We've created dozens of What We call "push ads". Some we used on social media, some we used in print and some we sat on so we wouldn't get boycotted. We've created a page for some of the most relevant  (and irrelevant) ones which we've designed to propel our grassroots advocacy. As with most everything on this site;NSFW. We don't employ gratuitous vulgarity & sexuality, all our ads are relvant & wholly tuitous.

You've been warned. 

​We are a Florida nonprofit organization

Chartered in 2017, our firm was officially established to provide services for low income and fixed income individuals nationwide. That's why when we say we'll beat anyone's pricing we mean it. Welcome to the new face of Credit Repair

What our clients are saying about our results

Like I said I'm gonna tell everyone I know about you guys and I know a lot of people. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement

Jonathan M. - Burbank, OK. Client since 2018

Serving regular people since 2014 with

Credit Repair, Advocacy & Results.

If you don't earn a lot, why pay a lot?

Does lowest cost Credit Repair actually matter? Ask a regular guy.

Only a regular person can know what it is to be a regular person. Regular people talk, regular. Think regular. Act regular. In this business, an image has taken hold: The fine upstanding stock photos of a corporate office, call center, business manager. The shiny plastic chairs and cheap aluminum desks reek of forced sincerity. The waxy smiling faces, the pitch, the wild claims, the silent plea of "give me your money, make MY life easy". -What a crock of shit.

The companies that do this are trying very hard to be professional, but they aren't authentic. Authenticity comes with risk, with perhaps not being well liked, with the risk of losing money, business, but, not backing down when you know you are right. True professionalism comes with doing what you say you will do, how you say you will do it and not promising the things you can't deliver on.

Our business makes no false promises. We don't use sensationalistic wording. We don't make things more complicated than they really are. We are fair and we are diligent, but we also play pool, go surfing, host random bar-b-ques, tell dirty jokes and know what we can laugh at. This company is run by humans, who work for humans. To assist humans with their problems. We don't bullshit.

So a regular person understands this, and the ones who want the other types, can go with the other types. Credit Repair is all we do, it's all we've done for a good while now. Our clients are happy, we are happy, collection agencies hate us, competitors fear us (but visit quite often). Mission accomplished.

Remember this site exists to  present it's visitors with a choice. With their rights unedited, uninterpreted and complete. We pull the mask off of what competitors say, we shine truth into the darkness of deceptive marketing. We don't compromise. We have no mercy for CROA & FCRA violators. This is just what we do, and we enjoy it.

We are the only Credit Repair out there doing this. Everyone else wants so desperatey to be "corporate", they forgot how to be human.

I worked corporate for the majority of my life, but life is too short. My way cuts through the falsehoods and makes the journey easier, way less expensive and as comfortable as a day at the beach. I'm a regular guy, and this is my crazy, unconventional, non corporate wanna b, bullshit free, American company. Enjoy.

- Antonio Armenteros

Don't get bullshitted!

Make an informed decision with YOU DECIDE

We're an unconventional company!

As if our visitors hadn't noticed by now, we truly do things a little different than most. Below are some campaigns we run on social media which promote our ideas, ideals and outlook on important issues and even some controversial ones. These will be present throughout the website in a section we call "Random ads". Enjoy.

social media ad, series 10

Random ad, 2018 series.

I've been pushing the envelope for quite some time as a consultant & developer for other companies. With my own, I tried to behave, but the guerilla advertiser in me won out. Here we have model CoCo with some very skimpy swimwear but with great, voluptuous patriotism. Holy shit what a body.

- Founder & Chairman

If it's good enough for the American President...

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 25% of Americans have errors on their credit report. Credit Reporting Bureaus monitor approximately 220,000,000 people so 25% is 55,000,000 people suffering from inaccuracies.  Creditors and Credit Reporting Bureaus make errors, find out if you have any. Don't let the car, truck or pimp mobile you want pass you by. With A Clean Slate, we make it easy to start over. 

This pimp mobile is good enough for you.

The Consumer financial protection bureau has released new findings where 25% of Americans have errors on their credit file. Roughly 55,000,000 people!  Think of those numbers. for a moment.  55 million people being denied the opportunity to buy a house, get a new car, take out a much needed loan to start a business or even get that job that happens to check your credit file. 55 million people being denied the American dream they work hard for. To me that's a good enough reason to want to know. And if you are one of the unfortunate millions, we make fixing these errors a low cost procedure with the fastest service nationwide.

No one will beat our service, our commitment or our guarantees.

With A Clean Slate it's truly easy to start over.

We don't sell kits, complex packages or free information



Accessing our servers through a mobile device is easy and secure from anywhere your life takes you.

Learn More


If you prefer to speak to us, our friendly operators are standing by to answer any question.



Our online portal is designed to have all the information necessary for clients to enroll,

Learn More

Parodial Spoof plug, series 1

The Most Interesting Man in the World meets The Most Unconventional Credit Repair on the planet! We always wanted to do a spoof of this genius campaign and never knew how to approach it. We think this one does a good job. Remember, drink Dos Equis Beer & Fix your credit, responsibly.

Our marketing makes a point & statement

We don't take ourselves too serious, considering the state of affairs in the world today, it's probably a good idea. We know we are the best choice, by far. That said, a little humor can go a long way. We are unconventional, it's true. But our results are no laughing matter. Here are some samples of our brochures, flyers and magazine inserts.

Seen us around town? Our brochures are much more than marketing materials. We run full campaigns and parodies that make a humorous statement about credit and financial institutions, lending practices and social issues or lack thereof.
Some are corporate, some are parodies and some are, well, a bit beyond tongue in cheek. We provide them to our partners for free. Guaranteed to amuse, enlighten and maybe offend (oh well). They can be found at car dealerships, real estate and mortgage offices and everything in between.

Our parodies get great results. Nothing says don't tread on me like slamming major credit card companies, lending institutions and and deceptive and misleading business practices. The truth is, we enjoy them. We enjoy designing them and we enjoy watching them disappear. If you have a good idea drop us a line and we may just out it on paper. Each run consists of about 2,000 so chances are good you'll have them available. We've said before and will say it again; Proudly pissing off collection agencies and our competitors since 2014. Told you we were different.

The Best Choice for Credit Repair in The United States of America

Proudly serving low/fixed income individuals, veterans & active military personnel

we do more to link our visitors to consumer protection organizations and provide more concise information than any competitor in the industry.

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A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation operates in full compliance with all laws governing Credit Repair. The Federal Trade Commission is the best third party source for consumer protection. Visit our Consumer Rights page for more information.

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation, a Florida non-profit organization operates in full compliance with all laws governing Credit Repair. As such we proudly link to The Attorney General of Florida's website and information on consumer protection.

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