Things that make you go hmm

Real women appreciate a man that takes control.

If she's begging for it, give it to her! The house, the car, the wedding! Credit buys a lot of nice things.


Lexington Law accused of: Blanket disputing, fraud, high pressure sales, lying, cheating, account plundering, overcharging, bait & switch, false advertising, disrespecting clients privacy and the outright buying of their ratings. Holy shit!!!

We stopped screen shooting after 22 images, but counted over 40. That's 40 negative reviews out of 63. Basically, way over 50% of the reviews given here are an embarassment. The company, Consumer Advisor Pretends to be transparent, so they don't cut or edit the reviews. Because they can't. If they do cut or edit them, they can get in really deep shit. Don't take our word for it, visit them, click on credit repair, Lexington Law amd read for yourself. I did and began to feel queasy & sad, for these people who are paying upwards of $400 dollars upfront, then around $150 per month. They got shafted. They believed the hype, they saw the ads, they though "Mormons? Nah, they are honest folks". Mormon or not (Mormon's got Utah FUCKING LOCKED DOWN) they got taken, and not by some crazy outfit, but by the industries largest advertiser.

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While the company advertises like crazy on Google AdWords, social media and even on some types of pod casts, it does not have a Google listing (it did, it's impossible to find now), what they do have is a mixed bag of private "consumer links" companies that they "partner with", and "speakers" they pay to get their message out. They are staffed by lawyers, which makes getting fucked by them that much more hurtful, and all told, from Glassdoor to Pissed, these guys rate in the low 2.5 star range. Which is fucking shameful. **Update**

So while we compile a listing here of all our competitors, keep in mind to do your research. Go with your gut, take calculated risks, but for fucks sake don't discount the horrible reviews out of hand. It could very well be you posting your own horror story review if you do. What happens to the people out all that money? Your guess is as good as mine. Most companies have to be sued in their own state to try to get your money back, that's why many companies incorporate in Delaware. You need to hire a lawyer licensed to practise in the juriadiction of the company. It's a hassle. However, you can make a formal complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission and futhermore to the Utah Bar Association censure department. The only thing lawyers fear, is the last one, because the last one can pull their law license. And it would probably be a good thing, considering. We are going to sit back do our thing and wait for the cease and desist lawsuit, and then, we'll post it here for all the world to see before we use it as toilet paper. God bless America.

We aren't fearless, we're fuckin' fed up

This section takes advocacy to a whole different level. All items are in public domain so we can't get accused of making this shit up. Arsenio Hall and his catchphrase, used under "fair use" for educational & informative purposes. The rest is accurate and intended for public discourse.

Lexington Law inverted double "L" logo and signage is the property of Lexington Law, Utah, used here for informational purposes only. The reviews are taken in full and unedited, from Consumersadvocate & PissedConsumer dot coms, as well as other websites for the purposes of public discourse in the interest of transparency & advocacy as is stated in our Charter. The shameful reviews and the manner in which Lexington Law has chosen to ignore them, is wholly its own. 

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