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Advertising is a big deal, we know!

We started organically. This just means we didn't get special favors or help along the way. We didn't have investors—and still don't. Yet every step was critical to our success. With a deep study of the market, our research has shown that our company offers the lowest most comprehensive rates for Credit Repair services anywhere. While this means great news to our clients, it means even better news to our affiliates and advertisers.

Our analytics show that visitors browse extensively in our Consumer rights sections. basically researching the information that many competitors choose to overlook when presenting their own services. Whether a visitor becomes a client or not, we believe that everyone should have the resources provided by law, backed up by the Federal system and enforced State wide. That our visitors spend a great deal of time browsing means we are doing something right, it also means we achieve customer retention.

Advertisers live for this kind of audience, multi faceted, in depth and concise. We make the perfect platform for like minded professionals wishing to increase their client database and grow their resources. A better credit score means greater opportunity and advancement. Realtors and Mortgage brokers love us. Indeed our clients are approximately 45% referral based. And realtors and Mortgage officers are the ones doing the referring. These professionals know that a client with a better score means a client who has built a relationship of trust. It means the client is likely to continue doing business with them.

We also have the platform to refer visitors and clients, and can do so for businesses across the U.S. listed below are the ways in which we advertise and cross market with our affiliates. What we offer and what we expect. Please take a look and if you are interested and meet the criteria, drop us a line. We do our best to upload links and code within 3 business days, so the faster your ad is up the faster it will get views.

Grow with us

The average time it takes a business to grow is 3 years. Ours has been making advances at a better rate than one would expect. Three years ago this was one mans home based business. Today its expanding outwards with its sights set on market share and penetration.

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants is the big idea company that gets results at a low cost.

We believe in saving money and like our clients to save money as well. We offer our advertisers and affiliates low cost or no cost advertising solutions tailored to fit any operating budget, or none at all. We have a good beed on things—we think—and the fringe industries which live by the mighty FICO, well they can come along for the ride, we don't mind the company.

Sounds too easy eh?

Ok, ok. We know. We usually get that face too. 'It's too easy', Sounds too good to be true', and 'whats the catch?' We've heard them all. The truth is there is no catch. We do have guidelines. We don't host just any type of content. We don't link to dubious adverts or unrelated industries. Otherwise we are as up front as we can be. There is nothing hidden. We want market share. Our research shows we will gain it. But there's plenty of room for related industries. There is room for growth. The best sales pitch we can make is what we refer to as the bottom line. Cost analysis. What does it cost your business to advertise with us? Try us as an affiliate. Lets cross advertise and go from there. It costs nothing and has the potential for gain.

Cost Analysis

What will it cost me? We host 3 types of advertising on our site, most cost nothing.

1. Direct Advertising (This is paid advertising from our Advertising Partners) Direct advertising is a high impact service that is tailored to specific industries. Real Estate, Loan Officers, Banking Institutions, Notaries, etc.

This service contains specific placement and link-thru technology to reach a target audience in a cost efficient manner. For more information about the types of sizes we allow and the cost per each, please drop us a line with the following header: Direct Advertising Cost Sheet. And one of our agents will be happy to walk you through the process.

2. Google Ad Sense. (Google baby! Who doesn't use the biggest of the biggie search engines?) We employ Ad Sense advertising. Most of the companies here are Fortune 100 & Fortune 500., IBM, Apple, etc. because these huge blue chips like to hedge their bets, they flood advertise to compete for market share. Fair trade is fine with us. We use these ads in target areas. Usually areas with the highest traffic. Ad sense and Ad Words advertising can be seen throughout our site, but its not too congested. If it ever gets to feel to crowded, we can always expand sections outward.

3. Affiliate Advertisers (A.K.A. Cross Marketing Affiliates) This is the one that costs nothing (except a bit of your time and ingenuity) Affiliate Advertisers can be;Realtor Associates or Franchise operator brokers. Auto Dealers, Loan Officers or Certified Loan Originators. Basically, any business that relies on and can benefit from credit scoring. While we don't require paid advertisers to host our content on their pages, we do require an exchange from our affiliates.

We feature full banner with external links and can even customize half and full pages to suit a specific need. We only ask a similar accommodation for our banner. we think the process is pretty self explanatory but as with any other subject, interested parties are welcomed to contact us. Below is a list of what kind of Affiliate advertisers we are interested in exchanging with.

Types of Affiliate Advertisers we host

Mortgage Brokers

Loan Officers

Loan Originators

Real estate Brokers

Real Estate Associates


Funding Specialists

Finance Firms

Finance bankers

Auto Dealers

Boat dealers

Insurance Brokers

Tax Attorneys

Real Estate Attorneys

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Don't see your industry on the list but think you should be listed? Drop us a line and tell us why.

File Formats & other legal stuff

File formats we accept are JPEG, PNG and PDF files only. Artwork must be original and free from copyright claims (We are indemnified but don't like infringement) and/or plagiarism. Art work must be submitted camera ready at a good enough resolution for online insertion. Oftentimes a lower resolution doesn't get the best of results, so we ask that work be good enough to scale up or down to suit our aesthetics. Vector logos and or artwork is the best.

Artwork: If an Affiliate can not afford their own stock photos we encourage them to contact us. we keep a library and can help with design. We do not accept artwork which infringes on anothers rights. No tasteless advertising. No tacky or outdated works will be considered. No adult orientated, suggestive or racy content.

Wording: Be responsible. Words have a weight to them. Flagrant abuses or downright dubious ads will not be permitted.

Legal: Be sure that any works submitted are sole property. We take this serious. We will not edit content. Ads not conforming will not be used.

HTML Code: You send the code and we will install it. No flashing ads or music ads will be considered as they fall under useless and annoying and contribute to an unpleasant experience.

Advertising Contact Form

Those interested in advertising with us either as Direct Advertising or as Affiliates are recommended to contact us for more details.

Have a suggestion or comment? Drop us a line through here and we'll take a look at it.

Do not attach files in this form. Once approved we will provide a mailbox for files to be submitted. All files are subject to virus checks on our end. Files found to contain infected data will be destroyed.

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