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A Clean Slate Factoid:

We advertise with Google®, Bing® and Yahoo!® and have our browsers optimized with Chrome®. Our analytics and CRM's drive traffic and provide up to 39%* revenue streams for our affiliates. So whether they advertise their business or not, by listing with us they don't have to dip into their wallets to develop new leads. Pretty cool eh?

Vertically integrated Solutions for brokers and Sales professionals, nationwide

Call me a big thinker but I always believed in the idea that to truly be cost efficient one has to be cost effective. Anyone can outline a problem, real innovators can also provide the solution.

Millions of hard working Americans across the country struggle with debt, a great portion of which, statistically is not theirs. It's inaccurate, outdated, fraudulent or simply someone else's. These hard working Americans want to buy good homes, reliable transportation—In short, they want a higher standard of living, and why not?, They work hard for it.

Naturally, bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and automobile dealers live and die by credit reports. Plainly put, low scores mean high interest rates which in in turn can lead to lost sales.

For this reason, to increase our reach and to forge a network of professionals across the country I initiated the affiliate program to A Clean Slate. Here, those wishing to expand their sales can cross advertise with us, and have the access to those clients who's qualify for their products or services while helping those that don't reach the same goal.

Its a mutually beneficial relationship and one that brings all the needs of a client under one roof.

To discuss how our vertically integrated solution can work for you, contact us and let us grow together.

A Clean Slate Factoid:

Our company was founded out of a home office in coconut grove, Florida, by a local writer and conceptual developer. Statistically speaking lots of big businesses are born of organic roots. By being a 'virtual company' we eliminate added costs and pass on savings. As our founder is fond of saying;

"Our virtual company can operate virtually anywhere".

We understand business. We understand relationships. Join us in creating and expanding a cross marketing database of professionals across the U.S.

Realtors (Brokers & Associates), Mortgage Brokers, Financial planners, Loan Originators, Insurance Agents, Bankers (Private & Public), Venture capitalists, Funding Firms, Auto Dealers and anyone who lives and dies by the FICO® score, the score lenders use.

Advertising is pointless if it doesn't target your audience. Period.

Targeting an audience costs money, takes time, work and persistence. Our company is in the position to market directly to consumers who wish to buy property, build equity, buy cars and boats or take control of their finances, While we can't promise a boost to a specific score in a specific time frame, we can boost a consumers credit worthiness by direct result of our successful work.

While we make pricing available for bulk credit repair, our marketing affiliates are NOT CHARGED for program participation. The following sections show an illustration of how we advertise your services, offer direct links and cross market without charging a single cent.

Cross marketing Advertising

We place your company name (franchise name) advertising block or banner on our site and link our visitors to you. Great for boosting visibility of services and or products.

In exchange we, list our advertising/logo either in block or banner, on your site and make our services available to your network.


We don't charge per click through for our affiliate program and instead link your ad directly to your site. Visitors will not leave our page but view yours in a new window on their browser or mobile device.

Why it's important

We offer Credit Repair & Debt Negotiation services, we operate nationwide. While we don't use scoring for any business subsidy, we are in a position to recommend credit cards, banking services and financing options based on credit worthiness to those visitors and clients who have an interest. So if someone uses our service to better their chances at purchasing a home or car at a favorable interest rate, affiliating with us grants you that much more visibility.

We don't sell or trade information so cross marketing would be blind. nevertheless, our analytics show that our visitors stay a while on our pages (mostly in the Frequently Asked Questions & Consumer Rights pages) so advertising here would optimize a particular businesses exposure if that business is, say, a mortgagee broker, realtor or tax attorney. Exposure is always a good thing, free exposure is even better.

Acceptable businesses

We only cross advertise with professionals who operate, own or work for companies, organizations, institutions (profit & nonprofit) that deal with credit scores as part of their qualifying process. So plumbers and Electricians wouldn't be a good fit.

Now, while attorneys don't run credit checks they may specialize in a particular area of practice, so for certain attorneys we make allowances.

Mortgage Brokers

Loan Officers

Loan Originators

Real estate Brokers

Real Estate Associates


Funding Specialists

Finance Firms

Finance bankers

Auto Dealers

Boat dealers

Insurance Brokers

Tax Attorneys

Real Estate Attorneys

bankruptcy Attorneys

While we work with everyone and do our best to effectively market your business, positioning and placement are at our sole discretion. We also market numerous businesses that may compete for market share.

Examples  may be: Regions® Bank & Wells Fargo® Bank, Credit Karma® & Credit Wise®.

We use three types of advertising;premium or paid advertising, google® ad-sense and our affiliate cross marketing advertising. affiliates are not charged nor are they paid.

Compliance with advertising

we have strict guidelines as to what companies we link to must comply by. content is not investigated by us, but we do not link to sites which feature or link to adult content, religious and or political information. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Advertising sites must not feature or link to sites which feature annoying advertising tactics such as music, multiple flashing banners, loud advertising or other distractions which are, well, annoying.

We do inspect sites for this type of content. Affiliates found to be in violation will be pulled without prior notice.


We comply with Federal & State law and do not conduct business through the use of deceptive wording and/or marketing. Affiliate companies found to be in violation of fair & ethical guidelines will be removed and blacklisted without prior warning.

Artwork guidelines

Interested parties should submit their files camera ready (ready to print or insert)

Images may not infringe on copyrights and or involve plagiarism.

Affiliates assume all liability to their submitted documents.

What our clients are saying

Fast service. Got my file created and submitted in 5 hours. Lowest price out there. Happy.

Sasha Wiles,  client since 2017

Real Estate on the rise

Real Estate will always be a big business, yet the business has suffered crippling defeats over the past years. Diligent brokers and agents looking to increase their sales can benefit from a professional company removing inaccurate, outdated and questionable errors on their clients files. We will work with anyone and offer bulk pricing. Call for more information.

Responsible dealers outsource

Automobile dealers, reputable ones, will never suggest they 'clean your credit' when your score is too low for favorable financing. However dealers can recommend the services of a professional. Turn your list of unlikelies into a list of well qualified. Call today for more information.

Luxury toys within reach and so are we!

Jet skis, wave runners, small lake cruisers or high end luxury yachts, the rise in luxury toys is everywhere. It's no longer a privilege the 1% can claim. incorrectly reported items on a credit file can hamper a sale, but with A Clean Slate' s intervention luxury dealers may be able to salvage lost sales.

Call today for more information.

We'll Beat anyone's quote nationwide


One thing that will never change is the desire to own a home. While most things are privileges, this should be the right of every human being. The barbecues, the gatherings, the moments that make the memories we cherish. Real estate is a big business, by affiliating with A Clean Slate Credit Consultants, those buyers with low scores can become buyers with solid scores. Agents & Brokers across the nation can take advantage of our business pricing for bulk servicing and pass the opportunity of A Clean Slate onto their clients.

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Luxury cars are not really a luxury. With the new interest rates and buying options available today the only thing stopping many Americans from buying or financing is the required credit. With A Clean Slate Credit Consultants auto credit network, dealers nationwide can turn their decline list into the well qualified list and grow their business through a solid commitment with their clients. Bulk servicing is available. We  work with everyone.

Florida local? Call us and start over


We'll admit, houses and cars notwithstanding, not everyone wants a boat or seacraft, but for those who prefer to spend their time on the water good credit is essential for these luxury items. So for this reason we extend the same invitation to brokers of yachts, go fasts and jet skis. Being from Miami, Florida, the sun and fun capital we know it's a big business and no serious broker should let something like insufficient credit dampen the fun. We offer the same bulk pricing for our services which may help customers not previously qualified achieve their dreams.

As with all our affiliate program packages, our lowest price quote is guaranteed. Call today to learn how your company can benefit from an association with A Clean Slate Credit Consultants.

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