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Sign our petition and make your voice heard by the only people with the power to transform the FCRA laws.

Congressional Petition to end predatory practices in credit repair

Our founder is a little different...

"I was born into a working-class family and raised by a single mother. I dropped out of high school at 15 to go to work and earn for my family. I received my G.E.D. in night school and went to college to study advertising. My real education was in the world, working stock, construction assistant, Bartender. I worked Union & for nonunion. I Laid cable 50 ft in the air in a flimsy bucket with no insurance, I got laid off more times than I care to remember. Financial aid kid, school of life member. I know where I came from, I never forget.

College became university and Mass media communications. I started my first company at 18—I didn't know jack, it ended in failure—. I had to drop out to work, school wasn't bong hits and toga parties and breezing by. I was poor. The poor don't breeze by.

Years of executive sales, working for tough minority millionaires, New York guys with horrible vocabularies but great ethics & heart. I became an expert at identifying problems with companies. An expert at streamlining operations, marketing, copy, development, and strategy.

I've studied my whole life, fine-tuned my expertise and built out every enterprise under the sky: from digital wholesalers in South America to fashion lines, recording labels and trade guilds. I've worked with NBC Universal, HBO Latin America, Univision & Televisa. With Government oversight and for fortune 500's, among them; Wal-Mart & Amazon, and it was Amazon that instilled itself in my soul.

My Time with the E-Giant was the finishing school of what I must fastidiously call my real education. A Clean Slate Credit Consultants is the result.

I believe in God, Family and hard work. I believe in America, the country, the people. I don't believe in gain over humanity. I don't believe in the class system or racism or intolerance.

I won't lead that kind of company. I'll say it as it is because someone has to and there really is a lot of bullshit out there. Together we will level the field because I came up without a break, so this one is for all the people I have ever known who had to abandon school to drive a truck, to work a line, were down, out and at hopes end, but not vanquished. I'm taking my message to Congress. Wanna join me?"

Anyone can talk it, we walk it. We hate scams and bullshit; we hate predatory practitioners. Join us in doing something about it. Petition will be sent to Congressman Diaz Balart of district 25 (Florida) & The White House. Join our bi-partisan petition today!

What our customers are saying

This company is headed for big things. My husband (Fosforo Bob) and I came here and were lucky to get this man's help. I appreciate the way he talks and doesn't play with your hopes and money.

Natalie R. Carrillo, Miami, FL. - Client since 2018

So is our company.

Parodies, politically incorrect language, a low opinion concerning 98% of our competitors and a virulent strain of patriotism. Low pricing, complete consumer rights and enough advocacy to sink a ship. It's intentional. We want to level the playing field and boot out the companies which take advantage of people when they are at their lowest. We are the best choice we've seen, and we've seen plenty. No one beats our comprehensive service or our sense of fairness. No one beats our pricing, and if they did, we'd beat it right back. We mean business and we get you results. So, browse around, read up on your rights and drop us a call or message if you want to know more. We don't engage in pressure tactics or any of the bullshit our competitors do. We're different and we like it like this. Join us as we celebrate nearly 7 years of pissing off collection agencies and our competitors by signing our Congressional petition to end predatory practices in our industry.

- Founder & Chairman's welcome note to visitors.