Been steamed, reamed & dry cleaned?

been lied to? Robbed? Misled? This is the place to fight back & learn your rights or get the best comprehensive service for about $1.90 a day!


We don't celebrate July 4th, we celebrate July itself!

Independence is a big thing for us. Freedom, liberty, and we love the only country that gives it to you in heaping helpings. July at A Clean Slate Credit Consultants means special pricing for the entire month for all new clients.

Now while we can't help everyone's credit issues, those we can assist get their confirmation invoiced at the following rates (listed below).

July 4th we spend with family, watching fireworks, dropping ice cubes down bikini's, drinking cold beer, fishing, breathing the air that soldiers have defended since the inception of this great nation. So if you're thinking of signing up, and want to save even more than one normally would with us, hold it off til July, save some money.


Military personnel, Veterans and their immediate family who join up get their first month for $0 all the month of July.



Individuals who are not military or low income verified, usually pay $59. Not in July, July pricing for new clients is $35.00



Retired people (Age 66 or over), disabled persons (verifiable) sign up for $15.00 all of July.


All calls or emails received during the month of July will be credited. We don't bait and switch and play little games. If you call in July, and we can help you, you get July pricing.

Pricing reverts back to the original pricing after the month of July.  Call for more information and celebrate the holiday responsibly. Thank a vet!