Can't get a date?

Call girls take credit

Yes folks, we said it. Don't act surprised


Ads & Posts that didn't make the cut from 2020/2023

1 (800) 123-1234

Illuminati run credit repair. Or just a bunch of irreverent wackos pushing the envelope with crass humor? Who's to say.

It's safe to say we're gonna get calls for this.

BIG love from the 305

Apparently, this is gratuitous sexuality. As if we would cross a line and touch a nerve. As if!!

Our PSA for no reason whatsoever.

Some photos never quite make the mark. A damn shame.

Would have been better if she were hanging from the ceiling beams. Or better yet, had a fat executive in boxers hanging there while she... uh, sorry. Never mind.

Obviously, this is artistic. COMPLETELY unrelated to credit repair, perhaps. But art, nonetheless.

Yeah, no way to put that out there. So, fuck it, we put it here.

Say what one will, its attention grabbing. Perhaps not in the best way. Next!

Redneck humor anyone?

Besides being the best at credit repair, we are the only mofo's with the gall to run these types of ads... well, except this one. This shit would get us flagged pretty damn fast.

some things sound better inside a twisted mind

This is no exception. Let's move on.

This one was supposed to be about saving money but got out of hand...

Nothing says saving money like being able to buy expensive whiskey and cheap whores... or something like that. Anyway, we didn't even try to post this. Instead, we used it for mugs and magnets. It makes us wonder if our printer loves us or truly hates us. At $3,000 a year in printing expenses, it's anyone's guess.

SJW wool cap wearing douche bags...

It could be just me, but I think we are toeing ourselves nearer the Key to The City of Seattle here...

It occurs to us that we may need some type of help...

Nah, we're fine. Nothing tequila and call girls can't fix. No prob.

This is the current post with the unedited text. We had to change it.

Mark my words, this whole censorship mudslide will come back and bite everyone in the ass. If you can't be vulgar, obscene, insulting, crass, uncouth and twisted, what the hell is the point of being free?

We thought it was funny...

Not sure what turned the censors off: the idea of Santa with boxing gloves on or the word "ass".

Moustaches of the world... yeah, why even try to post this?

This is really funny to us. Vulgar and crass and totally unrelated to credit repair, yes. But funny. We didn't even think of running it.

Art is subjective...

All we want to know is who this sculpture is and how can we hire him to do one of our founder pissing?

At the end of the day we're all just trying to get a nut...

Fucks sake man. What has the world come to when simple humor with a wholesome photo can't be used by a bonafide corporation in a public forum?

Starting out the new year and getting narced on right out the gate.

Does this look insulting? A way cool fortuneteller concentrating isn't what got this one removed; it was a competitor who reported it. Why? Not the photo but the message. No one can predict scores at all. Bunch of bastards out there do just that, so naturally this one had to go.

Alright perhaps this one did go too far.

 No pun intended.

Tell me this isn't funny. Come on, tell me. You know damn well it's funny. Censors don't seem to think so. Anyway, whatever.

Apparently saying it like it is is fast becoming a bad thing.

We don't care what our clients save their money for, we can imagine a few uses though.

Why bother?

This is part of the series entitled "The Original Florida Company" Anyway, the G-string bit was too much for the censorship ghouls. Photo is not enhanced with Photoshop, that is the actual model. All the time and money we invest to be on the edge of sanity and then we get the censorship boot. Bastards.

We didn't even try with this one

Zombies are big business, apparently putting zombies on a business post is not good. It's kinda hard to make out the font anyway and we tried all kinds. It reads: We're still more fun than all your flesh-eating zombie ex-girlfriends.

Which technically we are. Just sayin'.

Note: With exception of the redhead, they do resemble ex-girlfriends of our founder.

Had a 4 day run before either someone narced or Google took it down.

I was on the fence about whether to make this a magnet or not, I guess the question was answered for us the moment it was rejected. I personally think it was the "bananan pudding" bit that did it in. You know this guy eats banana pudding and calls it bananan. Well, it was either that or the CCP pin on his lapel. Not a far stretch is it. C'mon man.

Some candy ass narc ratted this one.

On Google since 2019, we just got the post rejected mid run. Why? Do the Clinton's have this much juice? Maybe, but I'll bet it was some visitor candy ass Hillary supporter who reported it. As if that will stop us from going after politicians. As if!

As for whoever did this, wherever you are out there, fuck you too.

In this day and age, lot's of people get offended easily. Luckily for us, we exercise our right to offend quite often.

Narcs, the world has become a bunch of narcs sucking the fun out of funny shit. Bastards.

Tried to use something like this long ago. Still isn't allowed.

Take it off! Take it all off!!!!

We didn't even try to run this one.

It would get flagged. No shit.

Old school guys use Zig-Zag, just sayin'.

This one we designed for in-house fun.

We use cats in our ads because we love cats. Sneaky, funny fuckers that they are and are likely to remain.

Ads & Posts that didn't make the cut from 2017-2019

1 (800) 123-1234

Narcs. I tell ya' we're surrounded by narcs.

This one got rejected so fast we hardly had time to react. Apparently, any time we try to go tame it doesn't work. The model is happy, just look at her! Actually, we are all a bit happier having looked...

Rejected by the censors because it does not contribute to a pleasant experience?

What the hell?!

While we stand behind our pledge that all our vulgarity is wholly tuitous and intrinsic to our advocacy, this post actually got rejected. What the fuck?! Come on now. It isn't like it's a lie or anything. We feel very strong for those who pay more and get less. Anyway, let's be honest here. Someone would have ratted it out had it gotten through. We're surrounded by narcs.

We try to play it bland and still can't catch a break sometimes.

A bad trip? The censors didn't like it. Apparently tripping with the whole Amanita shroom is enough to offend some candy ass somewhere, so we couldn't use this to explain the trippy type of website we offer.

Rejected by Google. Say What??!

The bots that crawl all posts on Google rejected this fine informative post. Heavens to Betsy! Technically we knew it would happen but considering the crazy shit they ALLOW us to run, this isn't so bad. So, we put it here for posterity. Enjoy.

A Chick in a g-string holding an hourglass... in Europe they'd call this art.

Another rejected post. Come on now. This one isn't even that bad. Still, the auto censors wouldn't have it. So naturally we wanted it included.

This one could be sort of read wrong...

I like cats. I like dogs. I like animals in general. It stands to reason that sometimes animals get angry. I don't get it. Anyway, rejected by the censors. Does it have anything to do with Credit Repair? probably not verging on no way in hell. Again, so what?

Again our artistic vision was impeaded by the censors. Again we ask "why?", to no avail.

It isn't a pièce de résistance, but then what is?

Dov Charney got a raw deal. We actually make him look like a Vienna choirboy

Dov Charney, the founder and genius that created American Apparel was accused of running slightly pornographic ads and other gratuitous uses of sexuality in his campaigns. Nonsense and poppycock! Balderdash we say. We make the man look like a choirboy. We proudly stand behind what we say, and all our vulgarity is wholly tuitous and never gratuitous.

This one went a bit too far. After all, "bargains" you pick up on corners are usually paid with cash.

Someone objected to this post, still it is relevant. You don't have to melt a credit card on us and you never get a half and half. So there.

This is actually tame, and it actually got rejected...

Alright let me make sure I understand this.

Aliens, pigs in heat, whips & chains, strippers, call girls, copious amounts of marijuana, drag queens, gold diggers, a guy chocking a chicken, garters, porn models, stacks of hundreds, a cock ring, tarot cards, a donkey, assorted pigs, assorted farm animals, President Donald Trump taking no prisoners, a voodoo doll, a bunch of dancing priests, a running sausage on fire, a dominatrix and over 1,000 references to madness and mayhem is fine, but two people kissing is bad. Got it.

Again, rejected. What a crock of shit.

Some people are way too uptight. Some narc ratted this one out.

This one wasn't let in either. Makes no sense to us why it would be deemed "unpleasant" to some viewers.

Florida: Wicked sun, gators and plenty of bloodsucking mosquitos.

We thought it would be cute to run a non-profane post. I guess we were wrong.

Buddy Bunny... not a hit with the censors

Our attempt to integrate cartoons into the advertising of the company hasn't fared too well. Here we have our bunny friend, helpfully letting all know how to avoid the bullshit. No dice, says the censors.

We didn't even try to run this one.

Why bother?

Sigh... brilliance is either an act of inspiration or an act of imagination. With us, it just comes natural. Wanted to run it and didn't even try. What would be the point of getting it flagged? Here it is. And yeah, yeah, yeah, now you look!

Free vision test!

This idea came to me while I was at the optometrist and I had to read the chart. Admittedly it isn't to scale with an actual chart, but I still think it works. Late 2017

What the foca?!

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, a foca is a seal. It just sounds very familiar to a, well, you know. anyway, this little push makes a nice statement without going overboard. I mean we go overboard anyway, but this was a nice touch.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei... mother#@$%&*s.

Unconventional, us? Nah.