Don't submit to debt... anything else is fine.

Size may matter, but here less means more.


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Voltaire, one of my favorite authors. A man of enlightenment, vision and wisdom. Powerful author and satirist who just so happened to manage a successful three-way relationship while exiled for speaking TRUTHS to the narrow minded fools of his day. He was a remarkable fellow, no doubt, as is any person who can use their common sense, which he famously quoted "is not so common". Go figure.

Results in 6 months or your money back in full


"Did Equifax send you notification that they lost your data? Lock your files to avoid more headaches."

- Chairman & Founder


Our clients can't figure out why we charge less and stay competitive. We keep every facet of our business in-house. Vertically integrated downstream. We operate our own calls, maintain graphic arts departments, sales departments and a virtual army of processors who make filing multiple claims with the top 3 credit reporting bureau's a matter of a few hours work. We handle every aspect of our business and pass the savings on to our clients. It just makes sense to us. Because of this we can not only offer the lowest prices on the market for our services but beat any competitors pricing by more than half.

To our customers this means savings, to our competitors it means the time old way of doing things  is  over.

We dominate the market by setting the standard. This is business as it should be.

As a non-profit organization our charter was established to provide Debt Management, Debt Negotiation and Credit Repair to low income and fixed income individuals. We make a profit but we aren't all profit. With special pricing for veterans, active servicemen and servicewomen as well as retired person's, we really are the new face of Credit Consultants.

Shop around, view your options. We admit there are many companies out there doing things for a lot longer than us with varied results. Do the math, calculate the services and ask about those 'hidden fees' and those 'special one time charges' that inflate your costs. We don't do any of those things.

By being innovative and dedicated to thinking outside the box we don't have to.

Yeah,  we're a different kind of company, one dedicated to working for our clients from day one, with results they can see in hours not weeks and the lowest prices in the U.S.A.

With A Clean Slate, it's easy to start over. We guarantee it.

A Clean Slate Factoid:

Credit repair is largely an unregulated market. laws exist to protect and educate consumers, but consumers still fall prey to victimization and fraud. a 6 billion dollar industry, companies devise cute ways to sidestep the law and charge exorbitant fees.

We maintain the flexibility to price 80% lower than any competitor for the most comprehensive packages in the country & deliver results. So while we can't fight every battle, as our founder says; "we can literally price our competitors into compliance of the law or clear out of the market"

Tell it like it is counselors standing by


What our clients are saying

This company is OCD with their guarantee. I spoke with a nice operator who to my amusement informed me that if the lowest written quote was $1,

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants would work on my file for free. I don't expect free service but I liked their solid commitment to their guarantee.

- Mark Clavel, Miami Beach, FL. - Client since 2016

no gimmicks, no bait & switch

Packages start at $59—no joke

Our low pricing, equal your savings

We offer three service packages, Consumer, Business & Military. And if this wasn't low enough, we'll beat anyone else's pricing for comparable services nationwide. Each package includes: credit monitoring, score tracker, unlimited dispute with top three credit monitoring bureau's as well as original creditor claims performed every 30 days and maintenance performed every 7 days.

*We do not spam email or send junk mail. We do not sell or share information*

We will beat anyone's pricing for comparable services. Guaranteed.

$59 per month for individual package

To claim Veteran Status/Active Military Status fraudulently is a federal offense. We reserve all rights in the enforcement of this law as per our transparency.

Military Veterans & their family $25 monthly

U.S. Veterans

All the services of our Personal package apply.

U.S. Active Servicemen/Servicewomen

Due diligence

Veterans, active servicemen/service women must provide proof of honorable discharge/medical discharge.

A copy of a current Military I.D. or other similar document of an official capacity may be submitted.

Spouses of veterans or active soldiers may submit documentation on behalf of their spouses. Proof of relationship must be verified on file.

Documents must be submitted with signed contract. Open to U.S. armed forces Veterans and Servicemen/Servicewomen ONLY.

By Family, we extend the courtesy to Immediate family (husband/wife) parents and or siblings.

Due diligence is in effect in these regards.

Call us for more information or if you have any questions.

Others charge more because they can,

We charge less because it's right.

Retired persons living on fixed or low incomes

$35 monthly

retired persons over the age of 65

Open to persons age 65 or over, retired.

individuals living on low incomes

Open to persons living on low incomes. Age is not a determining factor, however verifiable proof must be submitted with signed agreement/contract.

individuals living on fixed incomes

Open to persons living on fixed incomes due to disability or other factors.

Our due diligence must be satisfied by official documentation.