we take our online security extremely serious


Our site is secure...

Though you wouldn't know it from the version of Google Chrome we are running.

The small circle with the letter "i" inside on the top left hand corner, if clicked upon will state that our site is not secured. This is not so.

Our platform is routed through a secure server using Cloud Flare® technology. The Host server is owned by Cimpress N.V. operating out of the Netherlands. Their complex site is secured with top tier SSL and encryption. The sites hosted on their server (like this one), while under their umbrella and secure do not as yet display their own certificates.

Furthermore, when we became aware of this, we purchased a certificate from Comodo®, an online security firm operating out of New Jersey, U.S.A. We have this certificate in our name yet cannot place it on the host servers for reasons outside our control. We also run virus diagnostics checks on the entire site and all information received from the site.

Still we understand how the green lock is important and are doing our best to have our individual certificate showing, either provided through our Host or ourselves. If our clients feel this is still too risky an endeavor to send information over the net, we apologize for any inconvenience and suggest our clients and visitors to call us toll-free.