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"Voices in my head" was the original title of this section but that could just be read wrong.

I got fed up with CNN and MSNBC and even FOX News even though I still tune into Fox News on occasion. With no desire for the regurgitated leftism which I personally don't like to hear and with everything going so politically correct it was making me sick, I decided that I should get my news from alternative sources. What I needed was news filtered through sarcastic minds, brilliant minds and slightly mad minds. What I needed was the politically correct filtered of its bullshit diatribe. What I needed I found in the following commentators and bloggers. I've become a fan of Don't Walk, Run! Productions and it's host Andrew. As well as Mr. Reagan, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Brandon Tatum, and a few other dudes who I'm still getting to know. I respect these guys so much, I decided to include them here. I don't just want to copy their videos, I want them to be aware of it, so I asked Andrew and he said "do it you crazy fucker!"... alright he didn't say that, sadly.

he just gave me permission to copy the codes. As I ask others (or just take the initiative to share their work) I will add their videos here. Some are just funny, others are very entertaining and others still are downright shocking. These people above have inspired me in many ways and I respect they go out and say it like they see it. I figured some viewers here would enjoy them as well. No remuneration has been offered either way, I just wanted to do it. If I believe in your work, I would like to support it any way i can.

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Our Beloved Andrew

Andrew delves into current events

AOC... plays on her phone while people die.

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Andrew's Public Service Announcement... sort of.

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More to come, in the meantime check them out on YouTube, drop them some coin to keep going or just subscribe to their channels.

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Natalie Huerta

Patchwork Science...

Amos: the awe inspiring fire and circus sideshow performer in the world famous Coney Island Circus Sideshow! She has traveled and performed across the globe with the sole purpose of causing wonderment.

Born with a rare condition that left her with severe physiological deformities, her stage character

The Patchwork Girl celebrates the strength, wit, smarts and indomitable spirit she used to overcome those physical obstacles. It is with this furious

tenacity that she takes on the world.


Natalie Huerta speaks. Be wise, listen.

Well spoken, funny and passionate, Mrs. Huerta is an inspiration to me personally, and for that reason, she'll be promoted here to share her message. Check out her work at: www.patchworkscience.com and give some support to her project.

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Brandon Tatum

Brandon Tatum; Ex Cop & Conservative Commentator


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Chris Kohls / Mr. Reagan

Mr. Reagan; controversial commentator

Political commentator, YouTube blogger and cool headed armchair journalist. i like a great deal of his videos, some I don't agree with and some I do. Here he kibitz's about Covid19 and the Italians accounting of it.

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John Ward/John Ward Cinematics

John Ward

John Ward is a Crazy fucker.

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John McAfee / Eccentric Millionaire Madman

McAfee: Eccentric millionaire, Genius (of the mad variety), 7 live-in-girlfriend having Pimp, Gun toting liberal and God.

McAfee speaks to the madmen (madwoman) in us all.

In my considered (and it's considered by myself mostly) opinion, this man is a true breath of fresh air. It should be noted that his debauchery, or rather seeming debauchery is up for debate (He doesn't contest it).

The man may be unconventional, accused of murder, manufacturing drugs and a whole host of other things, but alas, until proven, here he goes.

How to properly cross the line... this man makes us look like choirboys

If you think, we're bad, wait till you see this

After you watch this numerous times, feel free to subscribe to the man's channel. After all somehow we must keep this crazy bastard relevant.

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Tim Pool / Prolific Journalist

Perhaps the most prolific journalist on YouTube, Mr. Pool's politics never infuse bias into his reporting. I don't agree with everything he says, but I support him completely for saying what he feels he must.

Did China lie? Nah, not China...

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Schiff gets ready to waste more American tax dollars during pandemic.

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Jericho Green / Say it like it is commentator

This guy is off the chain. I just came across his videos. What I think as I listen is basically, he voices what many think but sadly don't say. Check him out.

More current events as filtered through the mind of this AmeriCAN madman.

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America to Iran: Fuck with us at your peril.

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