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"Voices in my head" was the original title of this section but that could just be read wrong.

I got fed up with CNN and MSNBC and even FOX News even tough I still tune into Fox News on occasion. With no desire for the regurgitated leftism which I personally don't like to hear and with everything going so politically correct it was making me sick, I decided that I should get my news from alternative sources. What I needed was news filtered through sarcastic minds, brilliant minds and slightly mad minds. What I needed was the politically correct filtered of its bullshit diatribe. What I needed I found in the following commentators and bloggers. I've become a fan of Don't Walk, Run! Productions and it's host Andrew. As well as Mr. Reagan, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Brandon Tatum, and a few other dudes who I'm still getting to know. I respect these guys so much, I decided to include them here. I don't just want to copy their videos, I want them to be aware of it, so I asked Andrew and he said "do it you crazy fucker!"... alright he didn't say that, sadly.

he just gave me permission to copy the codes. As I ask others I will add their videos here. Some are just funny, others are very entertaining and others still are downright shocking. These people above have inspired me in many ways and I respect they go out and say it like they see it. I figured some viewers here would enjoy them as well. No remuneration has been offered either way, I just wanted to do it. If I believe in your work, I would like to support it any way i can.

The genius of Ocasio-Cortez

Andrew examines the stellar principals of the leftist firebrand AOC... (note the sarcasm)

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AOC, is a very busy woman. How busy you ask?

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More to come, in the meantime check them out on YouTube, drop them some coin to keep going or just subscribe to their channels.

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