"Being green is easy, being broke is a bitch."

- Kermit from his interview with A CLEAN SLATE CREDIT



Introducing... There's a site for that.

Advocacy can come in many shapes and forms. It can be an ad warning you not to Jay walk because a truck can whack you out or it can be in the form of a reminder that someone's got your back. It can be polite, it can be crass. We do things our way, so kiss our ass. (Nice eh?) There's a site for that will appear in every page at different places, reminding our guests that there are government and state agencies that actually assist with oversight of Consumer Rights.

Sir. Winston Churchill was one tough dude

We are a small company serving a national market with the advocacy & transparency, because someone has to damnit. We have not only flipped the industry on its head, but we have fun doing it. Having the proper attitude is essential to tackling an industry full of assholes, cheats, liars and scam artists. Maybe after we mop this up, we'll go into politics... then again, maybe not.

Been bullshitted? There's a site for that